Göteborg Baroque in cooperation with Röda Sten Konsthall present VOICES FROM A SPINNING PAN. Direction / Conception / Filming: Per Buhre

VOICES FROM A SPINNING PAN is a staged concert film drawing on music from the early baroque, and is a collaboration between Göteborg Baroque and the artist Lala Raščić. The production, created by Per Buhre, is a dialog with an art exhibition that Lala calls “Poppea’s Pans.” In Bosnia-Herzogovina when women served meals on large round metal trays, they used them after the meal as instruments, singing directly into them. It was traditionally forbidden for women to play instruments and this was a way to circumvent this rule. Lala has made an art installation collaborating with Göteborg Baroque that builds upon this performance tradition.

VOICES FROM A SPINNING PAN takes up strong voices of women from the baroque repertoire and weaves them together into a new whole. These pieces have been interpreted in a film where several of Lala’s art pieces contribute to the visual narrative. The film was recorded in Lala’s current exhibition “The more tongues they silence, the more they talk” at the Röda Sten Art Gallery in February of 2021.

Göteborg Baroque under the direction of Magnus Kjellson, claviorganum

Per Buhre, Direction / Conception / Filming, Beate Persdotter Løken, lights, costumes Johannes Lundberg, sound, Anna Maria Friman Henriksen, soprano, Amanda Flodin, mezzo soprano, Karl Peter Eriksson, baritone, Fredrik From, violin Hannah Tibell, violin Marie-Louise Marming, viola Dohyo Sol, theorbo Nora Roll, viola da gamba, Josué Meléndez Peláez, cornett

VOICES FROM A SPINNING PAN is financed by the Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture